Public utilities squeezed the gates of a private house, when cleaning the snow from the street

First, Petr Popkov summoned to the house of chief engineer yrx. After he refused to make the act, the owner of the damaged gate turned for help to uchastkovomuRemont would cost the owner of a private house in the tens of thousands of Rublein last week, January 26th, communal services Kachkanar brushed the snow from the streets of the Tatar village. On the street Nekrasov was a small gauge the depth of about 10 centimeters. Clearing her tractor accident crumpled pieces of icy snow, the iron gates of a private house doma. Hozyain Vladimir Popkov, revealing a dent, first called the Office of Urban Development, to agency staff went to the scene and recorded the damage. – But the chief engineer arrived, started to yell and refused to constitute an act, explaining that it is – our problems, and they supposedly did everything right – the road must be six meters in width, – says Peter Alekseevich. Togda man called the police and called to the scene of the precinct, that he documented the damage to private property. Recognition of communal guilt – a matter of principle, as the garage doors with wicket door will not open now. The owner believes that “repairs will cost a pretty penny”: automatic lift gates – expensive, made in Germany. Around it estimates the damage at 20, 000 rubles. On the basis of the Act made by the district, Pyotr Popkov intends to apply to sud.V yrx not recognize his guilt, saying that what happened is guilty of only the owner of a private house. – The owner is not cleared of snow rolling platform in front of their gates, but was obliged to do so. So when the grader, who worked as prescribed by cops, was in the middle of the road, then bounced off the pieces of crust of asphalt and in different directions. One snowy plate rested directly to the gate, – commented the chief engineer of the department Anatoly Mamaev.Po He said such incidents are not uncommon in the private sector. One of the common problems – storage of firewood associated with wire around the houses. Grader for cleaning streets can catch a bundle, resulting in the wire breaks and logs roll out of the area. – In the past year has been the case: the man was going to build a garage and left on the sidelines of three reinforced concrete slabs. Greider snagged upper plate, it slipped and broke in half. We constantly say people: remove wood slabs with curbs, but all to no avail – he concluded.

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